The Official Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) of the Fab Owners Association and its device maker members, providing procurement services, including aggregation of demand, contract negotiations and contract management for semiconductor manufacturing consumables and more.

Latest News

02/05/2015 - Welcome our Newest Member - Brumley South, Inc.

At Brumley South, Inc., we understand the urgency for timely repairs when an essential factory tool is down, and we have the experience, knowledge, customer service and staff to help put out the “fire” quickly when you are in a critical situation.

10/30/2014 - Welcome Our Newest Preferred Vendor - Schneider Electric, Global Solutions, Energy & Sustainability Services

The global specialist in energy management

Helping people make the most of their energy

Have you ever dreamed of improving your bottom line while consuming less energy and without a power outage? We can help you solve this problem with solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green from plant to plug.

Insights from the Blog

Group Purchasing Organizations are Not the Only Answer

Group Purchasing Organizations are not the only arrow in your procurement quiver. GPO's fill a specialized need in your companies procurement strategy and provide a strong ROI when GPO savings exceed “investments”.

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Our Members Include:

  • Anadigics
  • Avago
  • CapOneSource
  • Coherent, Inc.
  • dpiX, LLC
  • Entrepix, Inc.
  • Global Communications Semiconductors
  • Innovative Micro Technology
  • International Rectifier
  • Intersil
  • Jazz logo
  • LAM logo
  • Micrel
  • Microchip
  • MKS Instruments, Inc.
  • Newport
  • Omnicell, Inc.
  • ON Semiconductor
  • Photronics, Inc.
  • Polar Semiconductor, Inc.
  • SEMI
  • Skyworks Inc.
  • TriQuint Semiconductor
  • Ultra Clean Technology
  • Veeco
  • XFAB

Our Vendors Include:

  • TAG - Alsbridge, Inc.
  • ProCM
  • Talari Networks, Inc.

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