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There are no dues for semiconductor device makers who are members of FOA Purchasing Partners, Inc.  The only prerequisite is that you must be a member of the Fab Owners Association in good standing. Information on membership to the Fab Owners Association can be found on their website -

Members of CapOneSource are exempt from annual dues. This is a reciprocal agreement with CapOneSource - FOA PPI members pay no dues to join COS.

  • PPI Membership is free for FOA Device Makers with FOA membership and free for CapOneSource members
  • All other applying member will pay an annual membership fee commensurate with their gross revenue
  • FOA members who pay an annual fee qualify for our Participation Rebate Program
  • No change in the way members buy or pay
  • Total PPI demand larger than any single company
  • Members save money on every purchase
  • Members save money by avoiding costs
  • GPO's address under-managed and un-managed categories
  • GPO's Allow members to tackle more strategic, larger spends
  • When members are "full out" GPO's can multiply your success
  • GPO's have clout with suppliers, helping in problem solving
  • GPO's are procurement through consensus
  • GPO's help members baseline their spending
  • Aggregation drives standardization which drive cost savings
  • Good ROI when savings exceed "investments"
  • The goals of FOA Purchasing Partners, Inc., on behalf of the Fab Owners Association, is to implement a group purchasing system for the Fab Owners Association membership to maximize efficiency, reduce waste and ultimately, serve the needs of the members with superior products or services. READ OUR Code of Conduct Principles - On our About Us page.

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