Group Purchasing Organizations are Not the Only Answer

Group Purchasing Organizations are not the only arrow in your procurement quiver. GPO's fill a specialized need in your companies procurement strategy and provide a strong ROI when GPO savings exceed “investments”.

They are most valued when you need to:

•Address under-managed and un-managed categories

•Allow members to tackle more strategic, larger spends

•Multiply your successes when members are "full-out"

•Have clout with suppliers, GPO's help in problem solving

•Baseline you're spending

Benefits of FOA PPI membership include:

•PPI Membership is free for FOA Device Makers and CapOneSource members

No change in the way members buy or pay

•Members save money on every purchase

•Members save money by avoiding costs

•Our collaborative demand is larger than any single member company

GPO’s are procurement through consensus and committee.  Participation is to your advantage.  Please sign -up to attend a Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) meeting.

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